Columbia University offers a diverse academic community of over 40,000 students and faculty staff from across the nation and worldwide to live and learn on dynamic campuses.


Columbia Housing and Residential Life provide students living in the 20 undergraduate residence halls, along with 18 brownstones. Columbia offers housing for around 5,800 undergraduate students in the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science and Columbia College. Columbia Housing aims to provide its students with the highest level of service to ensure that all students live in a secure, safe, and comfortable residence hall.

In Hartley Hall, there is a Hospitality Desk operating 24 hours a day, seven days per week to assist students:

Broadway Hall

Broadway accommodates mostly Seniors and some Juniors and Sophomores, in corridor-style singles and doubles. Broadway is located close to campus and features a beautiful Sky Lounge with the city views.

Carlton Arms

An all-suite residence hall, Carlton Arms, houses a mix of undergraduate (e.g., Sophomores, Juniors, SEAS Combined Plan students) and graduate students. The residence features both singles and doubles.

Carman Hall

Carman is one of Columbia's dedicated First-Year residence halls, which is situated close to the Morningside Campus. The living rooms are on floors 3-17.

47 Claremont Avenue

47 Claremont offers suite-style housing with 7-person suites and 3-4-person suites. Due to the popularity of this residence, Juniors and Sophomores with high lottery numbers reside in this hall.

East Campus

East Campus has all-suite living, duplex suites, comprised of townhouses and two-person flats. East Campus is a popular choice for Seniors.

Fraternity & Sorority (FSL) Brownstones

Only Columbia College, Barnard College, and SEAS students with guaranteed housing are able to live in FSL Housing.

Furnald Hall

Furnald Hall is conveniently located on the Morningside campus, close to Lerner Hall. It houses mostly Sophomores and First-Year students in corridor-style either singles and doubles.

Harmony Hall

Harmony Hall offers an off-campus experience for Sophomores and Juniors. It is located on 110th Street, within a short walk to campus.

Hogan Hall

Hogan Hall is a popular choice for Seniors that provides 4-, 5- and 6- person suites all with single rooms. The building is situated within a short walking distance to campus and near to shops and restaurants on Amsterdam and Broadway Avenue.

John Jay Hall

John Jay Hall is one of Columbia's dedicated First-Year residence halls, which is conveniently located close to Butler Library on the Morningside Campus. It is also the site of two of the leading student dining centers of Columbia Dining. Besides, it is the location for the main offices of Columbia Health Medical Services, which makes the John Jay Hall central site to student life.

McBain Hall

In McBain, which provides corridor-style living with large doubles, is used mostly by Sophomores.

Residential Brownstones

The residential brownstones located on West Campus provides apartment-style, spacious studio singles, and doubles. Residental Brownstones house a mix of students, including Sophomores, Juniors, and some Seniors.

River Hall

Mostly Senior students live in River Hall. River Hall is a corridor-style building that features primarily single rooms, conveniently located adjacent to Riverside Park.

Ruggles Hall

Ruggles is a suite-style housing building with four suites each floor that houses 4, 6, or 8 residents. Mostly Juniors and Seniors live in Ruggles Hall.

Schapiro Hall

Mostly Juniors and Seniors live in Schapiro Hall. Sophomores also occupy some of the doubles. The building of Schapiro Hall offers an off-campus living experience with various amenities.

SIC Residences

Residential Life sponsors the Special Interest Communities (SIC) program. There are multiple SIC and the Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) options to choose from.

Wallach Hall

Wallach Hall is one of Columbia's dedicated First-Year residence halls, which is also one of the major sites for Living and Learning Center (LLC). Wallach Hall houses mostly Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. Wallach Hall features corridor-style living in the heart of the Columbia University campus. Moreover, Wallach provides convenient access to Columbia Health offices, Columbia Dining locations, shops and restaurants near campus, and the south lawns.

Watt Hall

Juniors mostly use Watt Hall. The hall provides various residential arrangements per floor, such as studio doubles, studio singles, and one and two bedrooms.

600 West 113 Street

At 600 West 113, mostly Sophomores are living. It is an all-suite building, conveniently located adjacent to campus and nearby cafes and shops. Suites of the hall are paired and hence, share an adjoining door. Half part of the building houses General Studies, graduate students, along with other students.

Woodbridge Hall

Mostly Seniors and Juniors live in Woodbridge Hall. It is an apartment-style one-bedroom apartment, where students usually either use the separate room as a shared space and share a single bedroom or use both living spaces as separate bedrooms.


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